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Mission Beach

The rainforest field trip was the first 4 days of our lecture recess and we got back Tuesday night.  So, Wednesday morning Amy and I left on a grayhound bus for Mission Beach to stay there for a couple of days before heading up to Cairns for a couple of days.  It is amazing there, I love it.  The soft sandy beach, warm blue ocean, lush green rainforest, and clear blue skies combine to make it a paradise.  There are several beaches linked together by trails through the rainforest and many of those beaches are secluded and we would only see maybe 2 or 3 people on the whole beach.  It is a very small town too, which is nice.  We went on trails to the north and south and walked through rainforest which was nice to hear rainforest birds and insects at the same time you can hear ocean waves.  Places really can't get much more perfect than Mission Beach.

cardwell-beach.jpg (44385 bytes)

the bus stops in cardwell for lunch, so we walked on the beach there when we finished

hitchenbrook-island-again-f.jpg (25926 bytes)

looking out to hitchenbrook island off cardwell shore

hitchenbrook-island-view-fr.jpg (25040 bytes)


mb-rocks-we-went-on.jpg (29430 bytes)

rocks i went on to look for creatures

ash-looking-for-skinks.jpg (97753 bytes)

me looking for skinks

ash-on-rocks.jpg (49310 bytes)


whimbrel-bird-on-rock.jpg (46975 bytes)

whimbrel (bird) on rock

walking-toward-bingil-bay.jpg (32713 bytes)

looking out to dunk island

bingil-bay-1.jpg (35063 bytes)

bingil bay

bingil-bay-2.jpg (32711 bytes)

bingil bay

bingil-beach-4.jpg (51556 bytes)

bingil bay

brookes beach-tree.jpg (111243 bytes)

tree, brookes beach

trees-backside-of-bingil-be.jpg (107716 bytes)

looking into part of forest from brookes beach

brookes-beach-1.jpg (28359 bytes)

brookes beach

brooks-beach-2.jpg (35043 bytes)

brookes beach

cassowary-1.jpg (116626 bytes)

cassowary! (much closer than last time)

cassowary-2.jpg (93383 bytes)

again (yup, he's like 4.5 feet tall)

cassowary-3.jpg (71165 bytes)


cassowary-4.jpg (62970 bytes)


cassowary-5.jpg (67578 bytes)


cassowary-footprint-drawing.jpg (86153 bytes)

cassowary footprint drawing

cassowary-footprint-mural.jpg (90075 bytes)

cassowary footprint mural


cassowary-population-sign.jpg (54260 bytes)

cassowary count

cassowary-stone-footprint.jpg (66962 bytes)

cassowary footprint in cement

metal-art-on-side-of-buildi.jpg (47209 bytes)

metal art on side of building

metallic-starling-hanging-n.jpg (67380 bytes)

metallic starling nests hanging from tree

golden-orb-weaver-spider.jpg (100430 bytes)

golden orb weaver spider in its cool web (pretty big spider!)

fake-cassowary.jpg (116477 bytes)

fake cassowary

dead-fish.jpg (96534 bytes)

dead fish on beach (dunno, Amy took this pic)

clump-mountain-national-par.jpg (107351 bytes)

clump mountain

cutten-bros-walking-track-s.jpg (121019 bytes)

the trail up clump mtn.

clump-mtn-rainforest.jpg (76219 bytes)

rainforest clump mtn

clump-mtn-view-dunk-island.jpg (42485 bytes)

view from a lookout clump mtn.

lookout-clump-mtn-1.jpg (94348 bytes)


lookout-clump-mtn-2.jpg (31164 bytes)


lookout-clump-mtn-3.jpg (30773 bytes)


lookout-clump-mtn-4.jpg (36098 bytes)


lookout-clump-mtn-5.jpg (29753 bytes)


lookout-clump-mtn-6.jpg (28609 bytes)


lookout-clump-mtn-7.jpg (50300 bytes)


very-strange-spider.jpg (54441 bytes)

northern jeweled spider (very strange)

cool-pink-flower.jpg (63751 bytes)

pretty flower

cool-plastic-looking-flower.jpg (46197 bytes)

strange almost plastic flower

mb-pretty-flower-2.jpg (104973 bytes)

cool poofy flower (there are a lot of diff. poofy flowers here), see the bee hovering next to it?

kennedy-walk-sign-and-croc-.jpg (130015 bytes)

kennedy trail sign (i like the croc warning)

kennedy-walk-1.jpg (89135 bytes)

view, kennedy trail

kennedy bay 1.jpg (19628 bytes)

kennedy beach

kennedy bay 2.jpg (19856 bytes)

kennedy beach

looking-back-toward-south-m.jpg (58303 bytes)

view kennedy trail

looking-out-to-islands.jpg (35058 bytes)


looking-out-toward-dunk-isl.jpg (32824 bytes)

again, towards dunk island

lugger-bay-1.jpg (22131 bytes)

lugger bay

tree,-lugger-bay.jpg (47041 bytes)

tree in lugger bay

mb-01.jpg (23980 bytes)

mission beach itself

mb-02.jpg (25766 bytes)


mb-03.jpg (22907 bytes)


mb-on-rocks.jpg (36396 bytes)


mb-04.jpg (21970 bytes)


mb-05.jpg (43896 bytes)


mb-06.jpg (37421 bytes)


mb-07.jpg (43705 bytes)


mb-backside.jpg (56006 bytes)

again, looking towards back side of beach

mb-crab-1.jpg (91836 bytes)

pretty big crab trying to 'hide' from me in rocks

mb-crab-2.jpg (70882 bytes)

same crab

mb-crab-3.jpg (151456 bytes)

little crab w/ shadow on beach

mb-crab-4.jpg (27717 bytes)

very tiny crab in my hand

mb-crab-5.jpg (119257 bytes)

crab w/ all its little balls of sand 

mb-morning.jpg (41779 bytes)

mission beach, dawn

mb-morning-2.jpg (51441 bytes)


mb-palm-1.jpg (57209 bytes)

i like cool palms that stand'll notice w/ the next few pics, hehe

mb-palm-4.jpg (37032 bytes)


mb-palm-5.jpg (28521 bytes)


mb-palm-6.jpg (36141 bytes)


mb-palm-7.jpg (30290 bytes)


narragon-beach,-amy,-clump-.jpg (37143 bytes)

amy walking, narragon beach, near clump pt. jetty

narragon-beach,-north-of-mb.jpg (56067 bytes)

narragon beach, looking towards where trail came out of woods

nautilus-shell-in-sand.jpg (113732 bytes)

nautilus shell on sand

ocean-waves.jpg (44562 bytes)


pathway-off-beach.jpg (101775 bytes)


ripply-sand.jpg (34019 bytes)

rippley sand on beach

rocky-little-beach.jpg (86015 bytes)

a little rocky beach

short-palm-tree.jpg (79368 bytes)

a stunted growth palm tree

skink-on-rock.jpg (62919 bytes)

skink on rock

skipper-fish-1.jpg (64635 bytes)

mud skipper fish (pretty cool)

skipper-fish-2.jpg (71823 bytes)


mission-beach-morning-1.jpg (23175 bytes)

dawn, mission beach

mission-beach-morning-2.jpg (22159 bytes)


sunrise-mb-01.jpg (22001 bytes)

sunrise mission beach (every time i'm at a beach i try to get up for sunrise)

sunrise-mb-02.jpg (18456 bytes)


sunrise-mb-03.jpg (17110 bytes)


sunrise-mb,-me.jpg (31150 bytes)

next day again (and me in there too)

sunrise-mission-beach-d2,-1.jpg (17771 bytes)


sunrise-mission-beach-d2,-2.jpg (30230 bytes)


looking-down-mb-early-morni.jpg (18875 bytes)


looking-up-mb-early-morning.jpg (21833 bytes)


ash-banana-split-ate-peel.jpg (50867 bytes)

haha, amy took this pic cuz she thought it was funny i was eating my banana split and the peel too! (by accident somehow, but it was actually very good since cooked a little)

This background is a picture I took of a palm tree I thought looked nice when I was walking just after the sun had come up on Mission Beach.

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