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Conservation Volunteer Trip

We had an option to sign up to do a volunteer trip involving conservation in Australia through our program, so both Amy and I took advantage of it (seeing as how we are both into zoology/biology/conservation it was a good opportunity).  We got to go up to Tully/Mission Beach area for 3 days w/ 5 other American students.  We propagated around 500 little seedlings (separated in trays, put in own containers) and planted around 250 young food trees along cassowary corridors.  Cassowaries are huge birds that are very endangered in the area, with only 40 adults left there.  We also wandered around in fairly dense rainforest with one of the conservation guys which was interesting.  It was a fun weekend in beautiful Mission Beach area and we learned quite a bit about the different food trees and rainforest stuff as well as helping out the cassowary!  We also got to see a cassowary in a field on the last day so that was cool to see the animal we were doing work for.  (I got to see another cassowary up close the next time we were in Mission Beach and it was right across the street from where we did our work, so its nice to know that area will actually be useful to them.  The picture of that cassowary - possibly the young male the conservation guy was talking about - will be on my Mission Beach page.)

tully-bus-station-sign.jpg (87801 bytes)

sign at bus station

the-golden-gumboot-sign.jpg (70460 bytes)

golden gumboot sign

tully-gumboot.jpg (44663 bytes)

the Tully gumboot, the height of their highest rainfall

view-from-top-of-gumboot.jpg (49361 bytes)

view from top of gumboot

hill-behind-gumboot.jpg (25010 bytes)

view of behind Tully station

vehicles-on-site-w-plants.jpg (105074 bytes)

out working on planting trees

planting-trees.jpg (113787 bytes)

out planting trees

cassowaries-need-your-help-.jpg (54154 bytes)

cassowary sign

damon-looking-or-talking-ab.jpg (117167 bytes)

conservation guy Damon

chris-climbing-tree-2.jpg (120351 bytes)

us watching Chris climb one of the trees in the rainforest

chris-climing-tree.jpg (121372 bytes)

chris climbing again

dense-rainforest.jpg (74075 bytes)

looking into part of rainforest

licuala.jpg (84251 bytes)

licuala tree in Licuala Forest (highest concentration of them anywhere in the world)

rainforest-palms-sign.jpg (59392 bytes)

info sign on palms in the forest

looking-up-in-licuala-fores.jpg (94360 bytes)

looking up at licuala trees (i like them and want to grow some at home now)

looking-up-licuala-forest.jpg (76849 bytes)


looking-up-licuala-forest-b.jpg (67411 bytes)

again, black and white, amy's camera

walking-on-trail-through-li.jpg (73101 bytes)

footbridge in rainforest

ferns-sign.jpg (50493 bytes)

info on ferns in forest

tree-palm-underside-w-spore.jpg (104288 bytes)

underside of fern, with spores on it

staghorn-fers-growning-on-t.jpg (71971 bytes)

staghorn ferns in tree (epiphytes)

strangler-fig.jpg (70856 bytes)

strangler fig on host tree

picking-up-cassowary-poop.jpg (74541 bytes)

picking up cassowary droppings (for the seeds)

damon-picking-up-cassowary-.jpg (83248 bytes)


cassowary-dropping-plant-gr.jpg (109319 bytes)

patch of plants that grew from seeds in cassowary dropping

cassowary-footprint-another.jpg (110348 bytes)

cassowary footprint

cassowary-footprint.jpg (65893 bytes)


another-pic-of-invisible-la.jpg (87324 bytes)

there is a lace monitor like 4 ft long, but you can't see it due to the sun

invisible-lace-monitor-liza.jpg (163883 bytes)


bandicoot-hole.jpg (99686 bytes)

bandicoot hole

bird-in-tree.jpg (102015 bytes)

bird in tree

prehistoric-type-plant.jpg (75804 bytes)

a prehistoric type plant...this is one branch, the rest of the tree grows underground)

rainforest-01.jpg (117827 bytes)

pandanus and other plants

some-1-yr-old-reveg-growth.jpg (124193 bytes)

1 year old regrowth from other conservation ppl (bleeding heart trees)

tropical-hibiscus-sign-2.jpg (83467 bytes)

where we stayed

topical-hibiscus-sign-1.jpg (70278 bytes)


our-two-cabins.jpg (83972 bytes)

our two cabins

our-cabin.jpg (63270 bytes)

the one i stayed in

the-giant-cassowary.jpg (60416 bytes)

huge cassowary thing next door to where we stayed

view-of-ocean,-island-from-.jpg (109715 bytes)

view from where we ate our picnic lunch

dunk-island-view-first-afte.jpg (23554 bytes)

view mission beach

islands-offshore.jpg (29064 bytes)


looking-out-across-water-fi.jpg (29706 bytes)


tractor-putting-in-boat.jpg (26253 bytes)

tractor putting in a boat (who needs a boat launch?)

kim-drinking-coconut-milk.jpg (48027 bytes)

our group leader Kim drinking coconut milk

looking-up-beach-first-afte.jpg (23679 bytes)

mission beach

sand-water-sky-first-aftern.jpg (40718 bytes)


water-coming-in.jpg (45734 bytes)


water-coming-in-at-feet.jpg (61991 bytes)


sunrise-01.jpg (25566 bytes)

got up for sunrise one morning

sunrise-and-moon.jpg (21129 bytes)

sunrise and moon

sunrise-02.jpg (22443 bytes)

sunrise mission beach

sunrise-03.jpg (20868 bytes)


sunrise-04.jpg (19890 bytes)


sunrise-05.jpg (23399 bytes)


looking-down-beach-early-mo.jpg (43563 bytes)

looking up beach, dawn

daylight-dunk-island.jpg (20819 bytes)

dunk island right offshore

view-of-water-coming-in-on-.jpg (59654 bytes)


waves-coming-up-beach.jpg (42974 bytes)


looking-up-beach.jpg (53733 bytes)


coconuts-washed-ashore.jpg (30738 bytes)

coconuts washed up

crab-sand-balls.jpg (59812 bytes)

the crabs like to roll little balls (must be very bored)

coconuts-on-beach-w-dunk-is.jpg (42640 bytes)

coconuts on beach w/ dunk island background

two-coconuts,-palms-behind.jpg (106361 bytes)

same coconuts other way

ash-on-swing-thing-at-beach.jpg (76030 bytes)

me on swing thing we found on beach

few-of-us-on-beach-in-morni.jpg (79888 bytes)

few of us in morning

ash-and-amy-shadows-on-beac.jpg (27343 bytes)

me and amy's shadows on beach (i have crazy wind blown hair!)

beach-day-2.jpg (20876 bytes)

mission beach

palm-trees-back-edge-of-bea.jpg (126165 bytes)

trees behind mission beach

rebecca-chris-dustin-ash-w-.jpg (136766 bytes)

we got a lot of coconuts to break open

cassowary-speck-in-field.jpg (56006 bytes)

a cassowary is in the field (its like 4 ft tall but looks like a speck here)

wild-cassowary.jpg (53220 bytes)

a little closer

wild-cassowary-blurry-again.jpg (57939 bytes)


banana-tree-farm.jpg (57079 bytes)

banana tree field

end-of-nut-of-coconut.jpg (45622 bytes)

coconut once husked

inside-of-coconut.jpg (45582 bytes)

coconut inside (mmmm, yummy)

This is a pic of the perfect blue sky. (made it easier to read stuff than a picture with stuff in it!)

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