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So, after a couple days at Mission Beach, we headed up the coast to Cairns (pronounced Cans), which is a city but not too big.  Thats where we had our orientation when we first got to Australia, so it was cool already knowing where some stuff was.  We met up w/ Lindsey on the bus on the way there.  While in Cairns, we went on the Kuranda Skyrail up to Kuranda, shopped some of the markets and Aboriginal stuff, then went back down on the Scenic Railway.  I liked being on the skyrail in a gondola over rainforest and seeing Barron Gorge/falls and the scenic train was cool too.  We also went on an "On the Wallaby" day tour trip and went to the Atherton Tablelands (looks like driving through Vermont pretty much), more rainforest, a big cathedral fig tree, and three waterfalls.  That was also a fun trip.  The last day we shopped at the mall and did all the shops on the streets and went into the very nice pool on the Cairns Esplanade.  The whole break was fun, from rainforest trip to Mission Beach to Cairns, I liked it a lot.  The backpacker/hostel places we stayed in were pretty nice this time too, so that was good.  Ok, time for pictures, I could write about a million little things we saw and facts we learned etc, but I won't because that would take forever and people probably don't even read these top things because I know I just like to look at pictures and probably wouldn't read it either. 

lindsey-amy-ash-in-skyrail-.jpg (52189 bytes)

lindsey amy and me in skyrail gondola (not a very good pic, we asked the person to take it and they did it really fast before we went off)

looking-down-towards-cairns.jpg (32010 bytes)

view from gondola back towards small town, cane fields, ocean

looking-down-towards-cairns.jpg (32010 bytes)


going-up-in-gondola.jpg (37957 bytes)


in-gondola-2.jpg (52797 bytes)

view of rainforest from gondola


view-from-skyrail-stop-1.jpg (72908 bytes)

view from skyrail stop #1


looking-into-rainforest-wit.jpg (135826 bytes)

some rainforest at that stop (light gap)


tree-ferns.jpg (120871 bytes)

tree ferns


barron-gorge-1.jpg (90036 bytes)

view of Barron Falls from gondola

barron-gorge-4.jpg (96168 bytes)

view from skyrail stop #2

part-of-barron-falls.jpg (87287 bytes)


barron-gorge-2.jpg (107440 bytes)



barron-falls-sign.jpg (136385 bytes)

Barron Falls sign (thats what it looks like during the wet season, we're here in dry)


barron-gorge-6.jpg (100994 bytes)



barron-gorge-7.jpg (104922 bytes)


djabugay-sign.jpg (94195 bytes)

sign about how this land used to belong to the Djabugay Aboriginal tribe

barron-gorge-sign.jpg (63875 bytes)

map type thing of the area...Lake Placid? 

looking-out-over-rainforest.jpg (83044 bytes)

back in gondola again, looking out over rainforest

gondola-in-the-distance.jpg (49259 bytes)


looking-down-at-river.jpg (50052 bytes)

going over river right before reaching the town of Kuranda

rainforest-below.jpg (132050 bytes)

looking down into rainforest and i guess a little house or something in there

kuranda-scenic-train.jpg (66620 bytes)

we took the Kuranda scenic train on the way back down after shopping some up there

train-w-ppl-out.jpg (88946 bytes)

scenic train stop to take pics of Barron Gorge/Falls on the opposite side from before

barron-gorge-8.jpg (80812 bytes)


barron-gorge-3.jpg (87109 bytes)

on the way again

train-going-around-corner.jpg (83205 bytes)

train going around bend

barron-gorge-view.jpg (51883 bytes)

gorge again

train-front-cars.jpg (31073 bytes)

front of train, painted to show the Aboriginal Dreamtime story of how a snake formed this gorge

stony-creek-falls.jpg (106280 bytes)

stony creek falls, seen from train

train-going-in-tunnel.jpg (56473 bytes)

train going into tunnel

on-the-wallaby-vehicle.jpg (86093 bytes)

our 'on the wallaby' day tour bus

cathedral-fig-tree-sign.jpg (84544 bytes)

sign for the cathedral fig tree

cathedral-fig-tree-2.jpg (129820 bytes)

cathedral fig tree (quite old and big)

looking-up-in-cathedral-fig.jpg (114154 bytes)

looking up inside the cathedral fig tree

looking-in-cathedral-fig-tr.jpg (73350 bytes)

looking inside cathedral fig


gillies-range.jpg (43921 bytes)

view from Gillies Range outlook (went up 19km of road that had 246 curves, one after another, immediately followed by another, etc).  also this background


boyds-forest-dragon-1.jpg (122867 bytes)

i spotted this Boyds Forest Dragon on a tree near the bathroom facility


boyds-forest-dragon-2.jpg (78522 bytes)


boyds-forest-dragon-3.jpg (70637 bytes)

again, opposite side

boyds-forest-dragon-4.jpg (50926 bytes)


bush-turkey.jpg (71642 bytes)

Australian brush turkey


pelican-posing.jpg (74516 bytes)

pelican posing for the camera

saw-shell-turtle-in-water.jpg (61384 bytes)

saw-shelled turtle in water (they can take in oxygen through their bum!)

lake-eachem.jpg (42392 bytes)

lake eachem (one of the volcanic crater lakes)

millaa-millaa-falls-4.jpg (120553 bytes)

millaa millaa falls ('water water' or 'lots of water'), the most photographed waterfall in Australia


millaa-millaa-falls-6.jpg (122188 bytes)


me-and-lindsey-in-millaa-mi.jpg (120528 bytes)

me and lindsey are over under the fall, the water was pretty chilly but nice and refreshing

millaa-millaa-falls-2.jpg (97299 bytes)

the falls

millaa-millaa-falls-5.jpg (109894 bytes)



waterfalls-signs.jpg (114995 bytes)

sign to millaa millaa falls, ellinjaa falls, and zillie falls is right back there

trail-to-ellinjaa-waterfall.jpg (83892 bytes)

path to ellinjaa falls

zillie-falls-1.jpg (104343 bytes)

ellinjaa falls (very pretty and peaceful, actually belongs to a guy, not the state or anything)

zillie-falls-2.jpg (118262 bytes)

how would you like this in your backyard?

zillie-falls-3.jpg (99627 bytes)

ellinjaa again

ellinjaa-falls-2.jpg (93631 bytes)

zillie falls

ellinjaa-falls-1.jpg (112237 bytes)


ash-looking-stupid-in-front.jpg (106163 bytes)

i turned around and looked dumb for amy to take a pic


ash-and-amy-blurry-in-ellin.jpg (74166 bytes)

me and amy going in that waterfall as well

dreamtime-travellers-rest-s.jpg (86535 bytes)

Dreamtime, the hostel we stayed in at Cairns, a very nice remodeled old Queenslander house

lindsey-drawing-in-dreamtim.jpg (46560 bytes)

Lindsey sitting and drawing at night

amy-reading-cairns-dreamtim.jpg (40310 bytes)

Amy reading her book

ash-being-dumb-in-dreamtime.jpg (41610 bytes)

they didn't like me taking pictures of them that night so the next morning they took a pic of me being stupid w/ my bikini top over my shirt

ash-and-lindsey-in-cairns-e.jpg (37469 bytes)

me and lindsey in the awesome Cairns esplanade pool

ash-and-lindsey-after-being.jpg (69466 bytes)

lindsey and me after getting out of pool

mean-seagull.jpg (116788 bytes)

the mean seagull that was chasing all the other ones around


flat-escalators-in-cairns-c.jpg (45808 bytes)

the flat escalator in the mall (amy was amused by it)


This background pic is the one I took of Gillies Range in the Atherton Tablelands on the way up to the waterfalls and such.

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